The Bigger Picture; Thinking Critically on Immigration

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So I had an assignment on racism and just decided to put it out here because it’s something we all need to be aware of. Nothing much to be said today, see for yourself.

Racism; What the Victims Can Not See!

A race is a noun used to refer to a particular set of people that exhibit similar distinct features (“Race”). For instance, a ‘black’ race comprises all people who are neither Europeans, nor Asians and have a darker skin tone than the both groups stated above. The dark skin tone possessed by the Africans is a distinct feature that segregates them from the Europeans and Asians who have a lighter- usually called ‘white’ skin tone. Racism is “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior” (“Racism”). It also is “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.” (“Racism”) Racism has been one of the worldwide heart-striking issues overtime, and is one with memories that can not fade, especially by the descendants of the African Diaspora as they are and have been major victims due to their skin color. It is a worldwide social issue that not just the Black race or Africans experience, but also people of color- which are any set of people who have a darker skin tone than that of the Europeans. This includes but is not limited to Africans, Indians, and Black Americans. Racism and migration stand as one; they are two important societal issues that cannot be discussed separated, one from the other. Racism results from immigration specifically and is experienced more by people of color because they migrate more. They leave their countries to another country which undoubtedly automatically makes them foreigners. It’s understandable if one left his or her country to one where they were still at a point of relatability with the descendants/residents. A situation however, where you leave your country to a totally different Diaspora that comprises majorly of residents that have unique physical qualities different than yours is one that inarguably leaves you standing out of the rest of the population because you are simply odd. This paper explores racism experienced by immigrant West Africans in the global north, giving reference to the novel Merchants of Flesh. It also gives insight on the causes of racism, and the mind attack of the victimized race- the Blacks/Africans and the intensity of the brain drain experienced by the countries in the global north.

Merchants of Flesh; Author, Publisher, Themes, and Setting

The highly research-based novel Merchants of Flesh is a straight-forward book as the title reflects the major theme- human trafficking, which is one among many themes. The novel gives insight on trafficking in West Africa- specifically Nigeria. It is written by Ifeoma Chinwuba and was the first book published by the author in 2003, by Spectrum Books Limited and it exceptionally won the ANA Prose Prize for Literature in 2014 (Mediamax). Chinwuba is a famous Nigerian writer and diplomat. She was a Nigeria’s Ambassador to Ivory Coast and has worked for Foreign Service in Italy. In the novel, she shares her experiences of trafficking and prostitution which she had seen while she was working in Italy through the story of Faith. Faith was a university dropout who was promised a job out of her country that would change her life completely, exceeding what she had imagined for herself due to the circumstances she found herself in. The setting ranges specifically from Benin City in Nigeria to San Marino and Milan in Italy. A few other themes include globalization and its consequences, politics and corruption, sexual politics, culture and civilization, gender, as well as religion.

Brief Overview of the Plot of the Novel, Merchants of Flesh

As stated earlier, the story is based off of the experience of Faith who is a school dropout and is seeking greener pastures. Faith was a brilliant woman, a fast learner whose education ceased causing her to drop out of school due to the lack of funds to continue. This was as a result of her father’s death especially since he was the person sponsoring her education. She had neither a degree nor certificate to get a good job. As well, she couldn’t go back to school to study nursing which she had so much passion for because she didn’t have the qualifications. One can say her situation was a “no-way-forward” one as in such a country as Nigeria, education is needed for almost anything. She settled as an assistant nurse at an abortion hospital where she was paid 1,500 naira a month and dreamt of having her own abortion hospital, although, knowing well that it was almost unachievable. She had neither a husband nor support whatsoever and had 4 children to take care of. Her life was a pretty difficult one and she settled in an unhealthy environment which probably was the best option for her at that time, even as it was not particularly where children should be raised. She had no choice but to accept circumstances and dream of a better tomorrow till she met a lady who promised her a job that was going to pay her at least 70,000 naira a month as it was the minimum salary in Italy, making calculations from the minimum wage rate at that time. Unfortunately, she expected to get a job working in a hospital as she did in Nigeria, washing dishes in a sophisticated restaurant, or picking tomatoes or fruits in a farm. This was not the case. Arriving at Italy, things turned for worse as she was there to be a prostitute.

Racism as Narrated in the Novel, Merchants of Flesh; Stereotypes Associated with the Black Race

Racism is narrated in Merchants of Flesh through the strategic use of stereotypes, these stereotypes typically are the same ones shown in the media today and are still stuck in the minds of the Europeans and people of the White race. The stereotypes start from how Africans are like monkeys as shown in the text, “She had learnt at school that the African people were like monkeys; they lived in trees and went about naked and slept in the same huts as animals. It was the white colonizer who had tamed them.”  (Chinwuba 120) There were also stereotypes about Black women being able to fuck and being subordinate and ‘obedient’ to their men as well, “These women know how to fuck, period.”  “They are obedient to the men.” (Chinwuba 120) Most African women were nannies and domestic helps because they were mostly uneducated and had no chance at getting the good jobs, even if they were educated, their certificates would be invalid (Chinwuba 120) The author also draws us into how Black people are mostly known for prostitution- which leads to husband ‘snatching’, and scamming as shown in the following quotes; “he had marveled at the ease with which the ladies had followed them”  “…our husbands tell us that they are not civilized” “…saying they were prostitutes” (Chinwuba 121)  “he was surprised Nigerians were not asking for bribes to release this huge sum of money” (Chinwuba 127) “tricked by a fraudulent crook. Blacks! They were all bad, all rogues” “you could not trust any of them” (Chinwuba 130). There was also some sort of inferiority associated with the Black women as shown from the young Fabio’s story. They were seen to have no manners, as illiterates, and it was a disgrace to have any relations with someone that had a colored skin; “…of all the women in town, why this one? Why a black? (and why an ex-prostitute)” (Chinwuba 122). “The only humiliating aspect was the color of the woman. Why leave his Italian white mother for a black woman?” (Chinwuba 123) They were also stereotyped to be poor, malnourished people who had stunted growth because of a lack of nutrients; “… every day we are told that they all are poor” (Chinwuba 125) “ he had heard that there was so much suffering in their country that people’s growth was stunted” (Chinwuba 130). Racism in the novel is explicitly shown through the various stereotypes associated with Black people which in all, puts them into one box of local, uneducated people who are inferior to the European race.

Thinking Critically; Why are the Victims the Black Race and Why are the Oppressors the Europeans?

Thinking about races and why one race- the European, is superior to the other- the Black race, one would easily say that it’s because the Europeans and the countries in the global north in general are more developed than the global south. This is in fact true as education, employment and infrastructures are most accessible in these areas. On more general terms, these countries are very well developed and have organized political, educational, employment, and infrastructural systems. Unlike the global south for instance, they have access to clean water and resources. This is why people from the global south always want to migrate to the global north; they think that literally everything is better there. Now, looking critically on the issue, it is very obvious that there is not as much migrations from the global north to the global south. Now this is understandable because life is generally harder there if you have no good source of income, but international companies like Shell for example only come because they can make an income from the services they offer to us. There isn’t as much resources available to the people in the global south, and when they do get attention for their work- equaling access to resources to develop them, they hardly ever go back to their countries to make things better there. In more basic terms, the brain drain is much higher than the brain gain. Whenever one’s talent is recognized, he’s either given a scholarship to school abroad, or in some way or the other leaves his country to get more developed in the field as there’s perfect resources for that abroad. These people who are taken out of their countries get the resources and education they need, being excellent in their fields, get good jobs abroad, enjoy the life they are living- especially since they are earning dollars, and hardly go back to their countries to contribute to the poor educational, financial, etc systems. If the routine was that everyone would get education and return to apply the knowledge, making the country and its sectors better, under-developed countries would definitely be developed. Now, most Black people are from the global south, so in relation to brain drain and gain, they are seen as illiterates and under-developed because all the developed ones are already abroad. There’s no moving forward when the developed people are not in the country.

Vulnerability; How Poverty Contributes to Migration, Sex Trafficking, and Slave Trade

            Most countries in the global north are widely known for how poor they are. People in these countries suffer things like unemployment, lack of resources, infrastructure, and health care, etc so migration is usually the best choice as they can access these entire resources elsewhere.  Most of the time, they are so frustrated about their situations that they would do anything to leave it. At this point, they become vulnerable. They tend to want to try everything possible to make them as comfortable as can be, including rituals and illegal activities. When they are approached with something as great as leaving the country or anything associated with earning a different currency- especially dollars, they are always interested. After all, it’s better than getting their hands dirty with something illegal. They hardly ever mind what the job is or even think critically about the odds and perks of leaving the country, they just do it. As long as they’re making money, nothing else matters. These people are easily deceived by so called employment agencies who work internationally, and they ignorantly let themselves fall into the wrong hands. They are migrated to the global north- the developed countries, thinking life would automatically be easier for them. Unknowing to them, they are neither there for a good job nor opportunity as they thought, instead are either there for slave trade- labor, or prostitution.

Remittances as Selfish: the Long Term Effects of Remittances

            Remittances in this case, are money sent back from developed countries by the immigrants there to the under developed countries where they originally are from. Remittances are a great thing. Many under-developed countries feed off of them. People in under-developed countries love to get a currency from a developed country because of the profit they make when they exchange it. For instance, 3,000 dollars is approximately 1 million naira when exchanged as of today. 3,000 dollars may not be as huge as it sounds for someone residing in a developed country, but when it’s sent to an under-developed country, it literally can change lives. A person who had no job and no education, who is sent money from abroad automatically becomes a millionaire in most of these countries. This is also good for the GDP of under-developed countries. People always want to earn so they keep encouraging their children to emigrate out of the country. Now, thinking critically about the long term benefits, sending remittances are in fact, not getting as much outcome as should be. Millions and millions of currency go to these under-developed countries every year but people take it as a personal gain. That’s why the rich simply remain rich and the poor, poor. They never spread money and resources equally in these countries. This can be done either by providing resources, infrastructure, provisions, or handing them out in person to the poor. Instead, these are use as personal profits and help the less-income-class in no way at all. The urban cities in these countries continue to develop and the rural areas continue to diminish because the people who get remittances are only the ones who can afford sponsoring someone in another country in the first place. Moreover, the emigrants hardly ever come back to their country to actually make it better with what they have earned; instead, they become citizens of these foreign countries and take their families over there with them.

Education Indeed! Black People are Rich; White People Take All Their Money

It is understandable how people these days are obsessed with being educated. Education gets you a good job, puts you in a higher class in society, and you have higher chances of earning millions. Now, in such cases where people emigrate to be international students in these developed countries, education drains black communities. For instance, the average tuition fee an international student pays for a year in Canada is 25,180 Canadian dollars as of 2017 (Collier 2013). Most universities feed off of international students- they are the main source of income for these educational institutions. However, converting the rates to a currency from a so called under-developed country like Nigeria, this sums a little above 7 million naira. That does not at all include feeding, accommodation or bills. Almost 2,000 students migrated from Nigeria to Canada for the purpose of education in 2012 (FW 2014) Now calculating on average, 4 years of university for each person with the exchange in 2012 at 1 cad = 0.00635 naira, that roughly sums up to about 180 thousand dollars per person. Multiplying by 2,000 students sums about 355,600,000 naira. This is just a rate for 2,000 students’ tuition fees in 4 years. Definitely, there is migration every year, especially now the Black community- especially West Africans are obsessed with education abroad. Let’s just assume 2,000 students arrive in Canada each year for 4 years, calculating with the exchange as of 2012, that’s approximately 1,422,400,000 naira. This is a very popular tagged under-developed country widely known for its poor economy. This is just statistics based on the exchange rate as of 2012 and for tuition costs of 2,000 students each year for 4 years. Now of course these numbers should have increased with the recession the country recently experienced, and the obsession of education abroad which in turns leads to an increase in numbers of emigrants. This is just one country, picture all the countries in the global north doing the exact same thing, and they are poor? They are poor; definitely, they have to be, because no one in his right mindset would do such and see nothing wrong with it. Talking less of the fact that jobs are not guaranteed, even with certificates from these countries with greener pastures. This has been going on for generations; picture how much of the money and resources they have given away. Canada, is a country filled with immigrants, imagine a world where everyone went back to their various countries, how beautiful would that be? These countries are mentally poor; they have no sense of management and do not see the bigger picture. The developed countries are truly draining the under-developed ones all in the name of education. These countries have more than enough funds to build schools and infrastructures for themselves and make the sectors better but no, they are blinded and brainwashed by the system. They experience racism and are seen as illiterates because they are ignorant to things that are so obvious, they do not think critically nor see the big picture and they spend money extravagantly. Above all, they are not mentally developed and brainwashed enough to migrate to the so called developed countries for greener pastures they already have.

Moving Forward! Steps to be Taken to End These Mind Attacks

There has to be more conversations on this topic. The victimized race needs to step up and see things for what they truly are. We all need to return to our various countries to make it better. Organizations have to be put together to spread awareness. Legislation have to be made; everyone has to return to their countries. That is the only way forward; there is no other way to go about it. The damage has been done but we have future generations coming after us, we need to secure their futures. We need to think critically more often and be open to ideas that challenge the hegemonic system that could actually make the world a better place, and there is no better time to do that than now.



So as you guys see, it was pretty long, but I really do hope you got something from it.

Let’s spread the awareness together!

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The Deadliest Disease Called CMS


Malaria was once the deadliest disease before its treatment was discovered. It can kill within seven days. Then HIV/AIDS mounted the throne, though it can be managed, but the battle to find its permanent cure is still on-going. Do you know that HIV/AIDS is not as deadly as Malaria if not that its cure has been discovered? I don’t think this should be a shocking revelation! I don’t want to talk about Ebola, and other diseases that are yet to show their faces.

Malaria was very deadly. It is very conspicuous from the number of days its carrier have left on earth. In fact it is deadlier than HIV/AIDS as pointed out earlier. The reason being that, the carrier of HIV/AIDS can still live normally.

Meanwhile, the deadliest disease is now on the throne, the king of all diseases, it is called CMS. Are you searching the internet using Google

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What is This Thing?

Hey guys,

So I just decided to check my One-drive today because I love going back to work I’ve written, and I stumbled across this beautiful piece I wrote when I was in high school. It really put me to tears because I was just 15 years old then. You know sometimes, I just go back to what I’ve written not just to remind myself of the inspiration and how beautiful my works were, but to see what I had in me years earlier. I keep growing, and to look back to see that I’ve always been this smart always reminds me that I really have that part of me that I can’t access if not triggered.

This short beautiful piece was for my school magazine, we were asked to write a few things, and as y’all know, I love to write on sensitive topics because I relate most with them. My life has been one hell of a game so I naturally grab on to much bigger experiences and lessons at a young age.

Anyways, this is the piece guys, it definitely is not edited as usual, I hope you guys enjoy it and I can’t wait to get your response.

Ever since I was little, I’ve always had this feeling that I’m not beautiful but you know, now I get it. I’ve always had the feeling because people make me think I’m not and these people are those who think and feel they are. Beauty… that’s a very powerful word, but as simple as it sounds, not everyone understands the true meaning of it. A majority think that beauty is all about appearance but please, its absolutely not. Being beautiful does not have anything to do with your body shape, your clothes, shoes, hair, or even your make up. Just as my baby would say, “Beauty cannot be seen, heard or touched. It can only be felt.” If beauty cannot be seen then what’s actually the need of killing yourself to look good? Our bodies are shells that encompass our beauty, and the best part is that our beauty can be reflected in our bodies. This has literally made a lot of people change their perspectives about beauty. It may actually not be surprising to a lot of people to hear that I’ve been called ugly because I’m short, I have no fashion sense and I don’t have a nice body, they probably must have been told same and this is all because their perspectives of beauty have been changed by the things they watch and hear. So what is beauty? The western world has made people to see beauty as having blonde hair, large breasts, tiny waste and curved buttocks. This has been seen as the perfect image of what a woman is supposed to look like. Someone may have large quantities of  jewelries and clothing but this should, in no way, pose that the person is rich because we can’t tell if they are real and the quality is also not known. Beauty is really shown in good attitude even in the absence of good looks because the attitude reflects the true beauty. Overall, true beauty is first known according to the good values a person has, and physical appearance comes second or may not even be relevant at all to others. 

I hope with this, I’ve been able to touch someone here today.

If you’re someone like me that felt or still even does at this point that you’re not beautiful, girl!!!! Wake up! Wake up o! Because body no be market. Y’all get my point. Hehe!

As well, if you are someone who looks down on others because of their physical appearance, you’ve played yaself boo! Give up!

On a serious note guys, beauty is 100% from within. The earlier we realize that, the better chance we have at making the world a better place. There will be no body shaming, and therefore no struggle to achieve a ‘perfect body’ because there is none.


Be My Virtue

My Virtue,

I can never imagine what life would be for you. The world keeps changing, and I know how much effect our surroundings have on us. Trust me I do. I am in my 100th day into my 18th year in this world, and I won’t be surprised if everything I have faced would come to someone like you at 12. It definitely will not be you love, because I will be there for you, no matter what.

There’s things, rough things that’s going to happen to you, that you won’t be able to tell me. It’s life, life happens. I just want you to know that I’m here. I will not let you be misled, and I will not let you go through what I’ve been through at such a young age, or even half of it. Trust me. I am your mother. Trust me. I will never do anything to hurt you, regardless of if it appears to be so. Talk to me.

Learn from me. I’ve lived. I’m 18 years old. Yes! But I have lived. People usually learn life’s greatest lessons at an older age, but the experiences I’ve had from as long as I can remember have taught me a few of those lessons. The important lesson I’ve learned in this life’s journey is what doesn’t kill you truly does make you stronger. You may not fully understand till you go through things yourself, but I’m sure, like your mother, you’ll have the brain of the universe to understand.

Let things happen. If you have no control of it whatsoever, stand and watch it happen. Don’t sit! Because you get tired of standing, at some point, it’ll be over. But if you sit, you relax and watch life make you a movie. Now having control is one thing, and trying your best is another. If any situation comes your way, and you have control of it, do not try your best. Change it! If you have control of it, you can change it! Because you can! You never know how much power you have until you change what looks like you have no control of.

Don’t wait for people to motivate you, motivate yourself! Find something, anything that motivates you to the fullest and keep doing it, regardless of how much time it takes. When you are motivated, there’s no limit to what you can do. Your mind is a universe. Attract the physical with your mind. Connect to the universe. That’s where you’ll find your answers. Eat from the universe, that’s where true health lies.

Be careful what you eat, it has an effect on the way you think. If you definitely can’t eat it raw, at all costs, eat as less of it as possible. Open your eyes. See things for what they truly are. Stay Woke! You can only defeat life when you realize there’s a path you are meant to follow. 99% of the world follows this path, 99% have the same result. When you realize that whatever path set up for you is a trap, you’ve set the greatest step to being limitless.

Climb! Don’t walk! The higher you climb, the closer you are to your goal. The farther you walk, the more blinded you get. Life is vertical, reality is vertical. Only clear minds realize that. Don’t let what people think or say about you affect you, life is too precious to accommodate pettiness. Time goes by faster than you think. Always remember that no one will take your life as seriously as you. If you want something, go for it! Don’t depend on nobody for a goal! Never wait! Never procrastinate!

Don’t go searching for the truth. The truth is in you. There is no color, there is no “food”, there’s no class. Be as humble as you can be. Give to those who need it more than you do, but focus on you. If you have today, but it’s to make you greater, so you can give tomorrow, invest it. But if you have no plans for your money, give it away, because it is useless in your hands.

Kill them with kindness! That’s the most petty thing you can do to someone who hurt you.

Be successful! That’s just the peak for those who say you can’t.

Do your thing! Don’t try to please nobody.

Live your life! It’s YOURS!

Meet people! True happiness is found in the deepest relationships.

Always look on the inside, the outside is always an appearance. Even salt looks like sugar. If you see only with your eyes, you’re very easy to fool.

Fear does not exist in your world. You are limitless!

Apologize! It takes nothing, but it changes everything.

Be the best you can be at all times.

Think, so you’ll always be right.

Slowly! The mind is different from the body. Sometimes you need to give time time. Your body takes time to accept what your mind already knows.

Never fail! Always find a lesson.

Take risks! Step out of your comfort zone! Sometimes your brain needs to know that YOU CAN!

Do unto others what you want to be done to you.

Do not limit your dreams! If you can think it, you can reach it!

If you let your past define you, there you fail!

Let go of what you want, focus on what you need, life is so much easier that way!

Do what has to be done, and nothing else.

Think constructively! Never think with your feelings!

Keep learning, there is never an end. Learn as much as you can, but don’t be deceived. Knowledge is power, but it’s not the knowledge on how to make a plane. You are here for a reason. Find it! Once you find it, the tools will find you. Utilize them!

Plan, plan, plan. Always plan ahead, you can never plan too early. Take your time, don’t rush nothing, start early. Start Now!


meditate“… Look inside of you,” she continued.”Every answer to every question you’ve ever asked and imagined is right inside you.”
Two chickens grew up together. Chick and Ken were their names. They were born on the same day; therefore, they were as close as twins. They were both sheltered under the wings of the same mother, ate and drank from the same plate. They played together, made new friends all the time but for some reason, their friends always got MIA (missing in action). At some point, their mother got MIA too. They were worried. They searched for days and days, till it got to weeks and a few months. They gradually fell short of consciousness. They wanted their mother so bad they would do anything. They just wanted to be cared for one last time before they would face the reality; she was gone.

A man noticed that they always cried and needed food. He would throw chicken feed whenever he passed by them and so they were drawn to his premises. He was a mother figure and there was always food whenever he was around anyways, what could go wrong? Chick tried to convince Ken. Ken was a smart one, silent and observant, as smart as a whip you could say. He learned much faster than Chick and was better conscious. He had studied this man and always wondered why he fed them but came to no logical conclusion. He saw nothing strange so was open to Chick’s suggestion of drawing closer to the man.

The man took them in and built a cage for 5 days for them. They watched him do this and were impressed. He seemed so genuine. He fed them till they got bigger than the cage. They loved him. He was indeed a mother figure to them, they just found it hard to understand him sometimes. They did not understand why he was doing what he was doing, but it felt good, they were taken care of so they couldn’t question it anymore.

The man changed their cage to a much bigger one. It looked more like a space for 4 chickens though, regardless of their sizes and yes it was. He brought in 2 other beautiful chickens so they could make babies. They were caged the whole time, but were still fed so who cared? It was like heaven on earth, and when they matured, they didn’t have to go out to look for partners, this man brought them, he was god.

They mated with the strange chickens who were no longer strange at that time, and the man took the 2 other chickens away after that. They were living to the fullest, basically. After a few weeks, they again, overgrew their cage. It was like the man took care of them too much that it showed in their bodies. They loved him. He became so much better than their mother was and they were glad their mother left. They still didn’t know what happened to her though, and all their other friends, but they didn’t care. They had hit the jackpot so why worry?

Do you see where this is going? I guess I have to give you a hint. They were MIA! If they had a circle of friends or family, it would have been more obvious of course but back to the story:

They had the best of food, showers of the most beautiful waters, the best of hens, what else could they ask for? They were in heaven! They were comfortable and that’s what matters most right?

Chick: I am so happy we met this man, he has done too much for us
Ken: I’m trying to place my hands on it but I’m getting nothing
Man: Time to change your cage again my lovely ones!!

They changed cages, again!

Ken: Why do you think he keeps changing our cage?
Chick: Because we outgrow them… duh!
Ken: It’s more than that Chick. He’s doing so much for us, this is heaven, is this what life is supposed to be? Nothing to work for, nowhere to go, we have been caged for so long.
Chick: What else could you possibly want you dummy? We have everything here. Do you want to go back to the times we had nothing? You’re smarter than that. How don’t you see this? THIS MAN IS GOD!!!
Ken: Something’s not just right Chick and we have to be smart about it.
Chick: I don’t see anything wrong with being taken care of, but you do your thing.
Ken: I have to figure this out, and I will.

As usual, the man fed them with the finest of food for a few more weeks, nothing strange or suspicious.
Unfortunately, they outgrew another cage.

Chick: Life is beautiful!
Ken: What’s next? What now?
Chick: Why can’t you just enjoy your life and stop putting all your energy to why you’re treated right?
Ken: You don’t see it Chick. Something’s not right
Chick: All I see right now is that I’m bigger than you and you’re jealous of how much attention is paid to me. Why did you stop eating anyways?
Ken: Because the food may have been poisoned…
Chick: Open your eyes Ken, if it were, would I still be alive?
Ken: Right, but it’s still no evidence that we aren’t here for a reason
Chick: Will you just be quiet and enjoy this goodness? Why do you always want to find faults?
Ken: It just doesn’t add up Chi-
Man: Okay time to reap the fruits of my labor (interrupting Ken’s sentence)
Ken: What? What does that mean?
Chick? (He looked around for Chick)
Chick: Ken!!! (Chick screamed from so much pain as the man carried him by the wings)
Ken: Chick!!!! (Ken screamed as he turned and saw Chick being thrown into a car)
Chick: Help me!! (Chick’s voice echoed as Ken watched the man drive away)

That was the last Ken had of Chick… Echoes!!

Ken mourned Chick for days, trying to figure out what had happened. He mapped everything from the beginning to the end, trying so hard, but found nothing. It could have been anything but it was definitely bad. He tried and tried, but could get nothing, still.

“Hey handsome, I guess it’s just you and I” (a beautiful peahen said as she flaunted her wings and eyelashes). “Go away”, Ken said as he lifted his head. His small eyes dilated when he saw the beautiful creature, he had never seen a peafowl before. He pretty much had never seen most of the animals on earth. He was taken at a young age. The peahen was a very smart creature as well. She tried to crack Ken to know what bothered him but he said nothing. “I guess it’s time to meet the others” she said as she opened his cage with the quill of one of her most beautiful feathers. “The others?” Ken exclaimed. “Who are the others?” He asked. “The lost ones like you…” She replied.

He went with her to a place that looked like a lake. It was much darker in this part of wherever he was, he thought. The day had suddenly gotten from bright blue skies to dark clouds. “Go to the water” She said. He did that with all confusion, it was an empty space. “Look inside of it” She continued. He looked inside the flowing waters and questioned her “What am I supposed to see inside of it? I see nothing, he said. “You see nothing because you are too busy looking at the water…” her feathers arose. “…Look inside of you”, she continued.”Every answer to every question you’ve ever asked and imagined is right inside you”.

Ken looked again in the water and saw a horrifying image of Chick. He had not seen his reflection as the first time, he jumped off the shore. “It is one thing to go in search of the truth, it is another to know the truth, but it’s a whole different dimension to be one with the truth”, the peahen said in a very calm tone. “Look further”, she continued. Ken wanted to know the truth, but he was scared. He didn’t want to see such horrifying image again. “Look further, Ken”, the peahen repeated. Ken trembled as he approached the shore again, and looked in. He was immediately in a trance; he had seen what happened to Chick. Ken wept. He fell to the floor and watched the stars move for hours. He couldn’t move nor speak; he wasn’t able to do anything at all.

He woke up a few moments later. There was no peahen, no lake, no shore. He was back in his cage, it was all a dream. What now? Was he going to tell every creature he saw that they were there to get their heads cut off at the end? Was he going to accept his “fate”, or could something be done about it? Was he going to mourn his own death before hand?


Ken is YOU
The man is THE SYSTEM
Chick is the BRAINWASHED
The lake is THE UNIVERSE



“It is one thing to go in search of the truth, it is another to know the truth, but it’s a whole different dimension to be one with the truth.”

Masters of Manipulation

Why do some men think that they have so much control over us?

As if we are their puppets and they are our puppeteers?

Why do we as women allow men to make us feel inferior just because we are different?

There are so many women out there being manipulated on a daily basis by their current partners or their exes and the question is why?

Because they think we are weak.

Men know that we are emotional beings so they find ways to manipulate us by making us believe that whatever went wrong in our relationship is our fault.

They put us on a guilt trip of note that makes us feel weak and insecure and this is how they manipulate their way back into our lives again.

I know that sometimes when we are in the moment we tend to forget about the real reasons why we left them in the first place.  So, we go back…

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First: The Laws Of Combat

The Leadership Mindset

Welcome to The Leadership Mindset.  This blog is meant to be a place to share ideas about leadership, discipline and all of the factors that influence the decision-making process. Since incorporating this into my own life, I’ve been able to change my mindset, improve the quality of my life and work towards accomplishing my goals. I’ve learned the path to success is brutal but the end result is worth it. By sharing my successes and failures, I hope to encourage and support anyone who wants to make a change in their life.

For me, this entire project began a few years ago with the Laws of Combat. These principles are thousands of years old. The first time I came across them was in The Art of War by Sun Tzu, which was written about 500 B.C. They are battle-tested and they work because they are simple, clear and effective…

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